Monday, July 2, 2012

A Mountaintop Wedding

Last summer in July, one of my bridal couples got married on the summit of Crystal Mountain. What a unique location to have a ceremony! The view was beautiful. Below is a link to a video clip from their mountain top ceremony and reception at the base lodge.

This couple was such a pleasure to work with on their wedding planning. She was very creative in her choices for place cards, centerpieces and table markers. He was a fun loving man, very in love with his wife to be. Their video captures their spirit and their love for each other.

A few things that made this wedding interesting and a bit of a challenge:

There was snow still on the mountain that day in mid July. In fact that was their last day of skiing that year.

Guests rode gondolas to the summit for the ceremony. A few of the guests were not aware of this beforehand and found this mode of transportation a little scary. Planning was essential for the logistics of getting 100 guests up the mountain for the ceremony and down for the reception. All this and still keeping on the timeline for the day’s events.

Due to mountain weather being unpredictable and able to change in a moment, this venue has 7 different layers of back up plans depending on the couples’ preferences. My couple was lucky and it was mostly clear with a great view of the Cascade mountain range.

The summit is 7012 feet in elevation. Winds and cold are challenges for the usual wedding wear such a strapless wedding gowns, high heels and updo hairstyles. Some thought should be given to stable aisle markers and ceremony d├ęcor not only because of the wind but because everything has to go up and down on the gondola. These things all worked out for my couple but not without a few challenging moments. They even had a harpist who brought a full size harp up in the gondola for ceremony music. By the way she had to take out an extra insurance rider for the harp under these conditions.

I love working this venue even with my fear of heights in the gondola, the interesting logistics and the multiple back up plans needed for a successful mountaintop wedding.

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