Friday, December 31, 2010

Will you be working on your wedding day?

You have spent your time dreaming about, planning for and spending your hard earned money toward your wedding day. Friends and family have been invited and will attend to see you marry your groom. You have scheduled time off from your job perhaps before and definitely after your wedding day. This is the day you have been waiting for months, maybe even years! Will you still be working on your wedding day?

Maybe you will spend the week leading up to the day worrying, checking every detail, or calling all your vendors to confirm everything. Now your day has arrived and you are too tired or stressed to enjoy it. Getting married should be very fun and enjoyable. After all your efforts and money spent, YOU deserve to be able to celebrate it. Your guests and family want you to spend your day with them.

Hiring a bridal consultant who offers a Day of Wedding package could be one of the best decisions you make as your wedding day approaches. Many brides wish they had hired a planner either part way through their wedding day or the week leading up to their day. You don’t have to hire a bridal consultant….most brides can plan their own wedding fairly well. Brides who did hire a day of wedding consultant rarely regret having spent the money for this service.

Here are some of the things you will enjoy from hiring me as your “day of wedding” bridal consultant:
You will get a detailed "Day of" timeline for you and your wedding party. All your vendors like your photographer, caterer, videographer, and DJ will have your timeline and know when different events of the day are happening. (We are all on the same page.)

All your wedding vendors will be contacted by your planner to confirm their arrival/departure time and the details of their service at least a week before your wedding.

Your ceremony rehearsal will go well and any potential issues will be addressed that night. Your ceremony on the day of your wedding will be organized and run for you not by you.

All the little items like the guest book, place cards, ring bearer pillow, and toasting glasses are turned over to the consultant at the ceremony rehearsal not on your wedding day. (Remember - no working on your wedding day!)
Your vendors will be greeted at the ceremony and reception for delivery and set up.  Any problems that come up will be handled without you needing to worry about it. You can enjoy your day.

The corsages and boutonnieres will be pinned on family members and the wedding party.

Your DJ and bridal consultant can work as a team to oversee the schedule throughout the reception so your events happen as planned.  Meanwhile you can enjoy just being married and celebrating with your new husband, your family and guests.
Final payments will be distributed to your vendors if needed on the day of your wedding. These too can be given to the bridal consultant at the rehearsal. (If you are handing out checks/tips to your vendors, you are working on your wedding day!)
Your set up and breakdown will occur within scheduled venue hours per your contract so you don’t get unexpected charges after your wedding is over. At the end of the night, you will have “left the building” in grand style, perhaps in a limo that showed up on time. Your consultant can make sure clean up happens, all your personal items (guest book, toasting glasses, cake server, wedding gifts) have been returned to a family member. They will keep these safe until returned to you.
Just in case someone in your bridal party gets a headache or a blister from their shoes or needs tissues, a bridal consultant provides an emergency wedding day kit. You should see what is in mine:  Band-Aids, straws, mouthwash, hairspray, pain relievers, a pair of black sox, a needle and several colors of thread, tape….ask me what else I bring!


Consider being a guest at your own wedding and leave the stress, details, and all the rest to a bridal consultant on your day. The only job you should do is to be a great hostess who has fun and spends time with her guests and family. Let me work on your wedding!