Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to Be Certain About Your Wedding Choices

Do you find yourself second guessing your every decision?

Are you afraid to pick your wedding day vendors?

Not sure what you really want?

Are others telling you what to choose?

Indecision can hurt you while you are planning your wedding. Being in limbo is very uncomfortable. Some of this is normal and comes from this being a new experience, doing something you have never done before. Planning your wedding is most likely the most expensive “party" you will ever plan. Yes, this can be scary.

Here are some suggestions to tame these concerns:

·         Know that you are not alone. Feeling nervous about making the "right" decision is normal. Believe that you can do this and if you know you need help, hire a professional to help you plan.

·         Get to the root of your indecision. Is there a real reason why you are struggling with making a decision about a wedding vendor? If you feel there is a real reason for your inability to choose, get a second reliable opinion.

·         Honor your budget. Every couple knows deep down what they can afford to spend on their wedding day. From your total budget, spend your dollars on the aspects that mean our most important to both of you. It is tempting to be impulsive and spend on each new thing that catches your attention. Staying within or close to your budget will leave you feeling better about your decisions after the wedding day.

·         Listen to your heart. When you are fairly sure it is right, trust yourself and go with the decision.

·         Sleep on it. Give it a day or two. Don’t let others (friends, family or wedding professionals) rush you into a decision. If it is right for you, I believe it will still be there in the morning.

·         Don't be a sheep. Just because three of your friends did a cake topper or a candy bar at their wedding doesn't mean you have to do so also. Be yourself and only you. Your personalized wedding will mean so much more to you both than chasing every new trend.

·         Keep a long-term perspective. Remember that your wedding day is only one day in the rest of your whole married life. At the end of the day, you will be married to your love, your spouse.

Trust yourself. You made the decision to say “Yes” to the love of your life. The rest is just icing on the cake.

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