Thursday, July 31, 2014

How Will You Create Your Wedding Invitations?

There are so many ways for you to create your wedding invitations or other wedding papers such as  Save the Dates or ceremony programs.
  • You can order them online and design your items there.
  • You can also go to one of the many retail locations for invitations and wedding papers and have an in-house designer help you create your invitations or other items.
  • If you have the DIY talent and desire, you can create these yourself from scratch.
How you go about this depends on a few variables.

If you are crafty and have the motivation and the time to make your own, this can be very satisfying and rewarding. This direction has personalization and customization written all over it. However if you run screaming when some one mentions crafting and you have nightmares about using a glue gun or a decorative paper punch, this might not be the best way for you.

Designing and ordering online has its benefits and its pitfalls. Where you go matters. Customer service, ability to customize and the number of options vary from company to company. You may have to proofread your invitation online and not get to see, touch or feel the quality of the paper in person until your full order arrives. Some online companies will send you samples or proofs via snail mail. However this method is very convenient and usually less expensive than going to a printer who specializes in wedding invitations and wedding papers. There are some really great companies online if you chose this method.

You can go to a craft store (i.e., Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby) and buy the boxes of pre-made invitations and, using their templates, print your own invitations. This might be for you if you are not looking for something very unique or customized. One drawback here: your at home printer may or may not be able to "process" the paper if it has a raised border or design on it. You may want to buy one box first to be sure your printer can handle the invitation first. Otherwise this seemingly cost effective method might get expensive fast and also it is labor intensive for you to print your own.

Going to a wedding invitation designer is frequently more expensive than all of the above methods. But if you are a person who wants to actually touch the different types and thicknesses of the papers, this way might be for you. The designers I know will show you all different types of qualities of papers as well as embellishments and a huge variety of fonts and font colors. The designer will walk you through every step by your side in person. If you appreciative this in person experience, this is the best way for you.

So think about what best fits you and stay tuned for a few related posts to come.

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